May 22 2013

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today

Once upon a time four lads from Liverpool sang a song that began “It was twenty years ago today.” That same line is appropriate for the Librarian and me because twenty years ago today she and I became partners for life.

I wanted to celebrate the milestone with something special so a couple of weeks ago I surreptitiously booked a table for two at Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant in Perth. Jamie’s Italian had opened to rave reviews not too long ago and knowing the Librarian’s fondness for pasta and Mr Oliver’s cooking skills, I suspected that she was in for a treat. I, too, am a keen on young Mr Oliver’s recipes and I knew I was also in for a treat even though I am not a big pasta fan. Luckily there was more than pasta on the menu so I was anticipating the afternoon.

The Librarian woke earlier than usual, wished me and told me my gift was on her phone. She then showed me the phone’s screen which displayed a receipt for two tickets to the matinee performance of Jesus Christ Superstar in two weeks time.I was extremely surprised and extremely happy although, for various reasons I won’t go into here (but will somewhere else Winking smile), I was slow in vocalizing my happiness. I had almost bought tickets to the show myself but, luckily, I procrastinated, so there was no awkward moment on that count. After the excitement of the tickets I was a little anxious that her present was going to be a let down, at least in comparison to what she had given me, but I told the Librarian that her present was in Perth City and that she would have to wait a couple of hours.

The “couple of hours” crawled by and we drove into Perth City where we meandered along the streets, stopping here and there and taking detours so that the Librarian would not guess the surprise. The tactic worked extremely well and it was only when we were a few metres away from the restaurant that she exclaimed “I know where we’re going.” She sounded thrilled which was a good start and was a relief for me. It was now up to Jamie’s representatives to live up to our high expectations.

Two hours later we left with the smiles on our faces and the most contented of stomachs. Jamie’s Italian more than lived up to our expectations. I will post a review of the whole experience shortly but meanwhile on with the 20th Anniversary Show.

Jamie’s was just the first part of the 20th Anniversary Show. The second part was a romantic  evening (I hoped) in King’s Park. Again, the Librarian was left in the dark as we drove away from the city centre. I pretended we were driving home but eventually turned towards the park and drove towards the centre. At that point, I think the surprise was well and truly sprung.

We parked near the War Memorial and strolled to the DNA Tower. I was concerned that the Librarian’s knees would hinder any climbing but she managed it quite well and we soon found ourselves at the top. I had timed the climb so that we would see the sun setting and I must say I got it just right. We had a few minutes to set up our cameras and shoot away.

After the sun had gone we climbed down and strolled through the gardens slowly, enjoying the view and the warm evening. We talked about the twenty years gone by and what the next twenty years would bring. I didn’t want the evening to end but end it did and we drove home where we…

But that is between the Librarian and me.

May the next twenty years be even better than the twenty gone by. Happy anniversary, sweet Librarian.

May 22 2009

Happy Anniversary, Baby. Got You On My Mind

It is raining outside; a steady, heavy rain driven by strong gusts of wind. It is a welcome rain. The record dry spell we’ve had in Perth has finally come to an end. The weather today is nothing like it was a couple of days ago let alone sixteen years ago in North Carolina, USA, as I waited for the Librarian to arrive and walk down the aisle.

The word ‘aisle’ was especially appropriate on that day because the Church where we got married was in the middle of a shopping centre. There we were in suits and ties and elegant clothes while shoppers hurried about and sent curious glances our way. ‘Surreal’ is almost inadequate to describe it.

And so we were married and not long after that the Librarian came home with me. We landed in Perth and were greeted by rain. That’s right, folks. My bride came to my much boasted about sunny city only to be greeted by rain. It would be several days before she saw the sun.

That was a long time ago but sometimes it seems like yesterday. Where did the years go? It seems to me that the interval between the 1st of January and the 31st of December becomes shorter every year. And where did those two young men come from? They were only born a handful of years ago, surely? How about the grey hair on the man that looks back at me when I shave?

Time does fly and it flies faster as we get older. I’m just glad that I have the Librarian with me on this trip through time.

Happy anniversary, Sweetheart.