December 16 2008

About Flying Saucer Jones

Why “Flying Saucer Jones”?

Why not? Oh, all right.

One day, a long, long time ago, I added a hand drawn picture to the back of a greeting card I sent to a friend. This drawing depicted the upper half of an alien head looking through the glass canopy of a flying saucer. The alien was Flying Saucer Jones. I have no idea why I thought of this character but it became my signature. It was added to every greeting card I sent – the picture was always the same but the captions would change.

Eons later I decided to jump into the world of blogging. Among the many decisions I made concerning the blogs was the choice of an avatar. I wanted something that reflected my personality as it has evolved over the decades. The intrepid spaceman from my youth was the ideal choice. The idea of the fantastic–a space alien–belied by a very common surname appeals to me, the skeptic.

So Flying Saucer Jones flies again. Follow the Saucer as it journeys intrepidly through time and space.

So What Can I Find Here?

Anything and everything. Well mostly, anything and everything. There are some things that will end up in one of my other blogs that reside elsewhere in the virtual ether (no, I’m not telling you where they are.)

Married? Children?

Yes, I am. Why? Are you proposing? And yes. Two as a matter of fact. They all appear here in the guise of the Librarian, the Game Guru and the Master Builder. Additionally a member of Felis catus has deigned to improve our lot with her regal presence; she is currently plotting my demise but I have foiled all her plans so far.

As of late 2011 we have two new members of the family, siblings from the Canis lupis familiaris species. Both exhibit insanely joyous reactions whenever they see me after a period of absence even if said period of absence amounts to less than five minutes. The male’s favourite things are food, announcing his presence to the world at all hours of the day and humping. The female’s favourite things are food, nipping at extremities and sleeping with her nose in my shoes.

Miss Felis catus is not happy with the latest additions.

Anything Else?

Watch this space. No really, just watch.

You came, you saw, now you can comment