September 27 2010

Correspondence That Matters

Would you look at the time? I just turned around for a minute and a whole year went by. Bloody cheek, if you ask me. And here’s me with so much to do and say and…

Start with the correspondence. So many letters to write, so little time:


Dear Checkout Chick.

I do understand that items run out occasionally but running out of bonus chocolates at your particular checkout does not excuse you from pretending there aren’t any in the whole store. This is especially true when the neighbouring checkout is struggling under the weight of said chocolate.

Yours in chocolaty dystopia,



Dear Bus Driver.

The “ding” sound you hear at frequent intervals is a signal that at least one person would like to get off your vehicle. I’m sure this concept was covered in Bus Driving 101; perhaps you were absent that day. On a related note, when I hail you from the bus stop I am not indulging in a polite greeting.

Yours unstoppably,



Dear Felis Catus.

Thank you for your operatic recital outside my window this morning. Unfortunately I am neither a fan of opera nor the musical stylings of your species. Please find another venue immediately.

Yours with teeth set on edge,



Dear Adipose Tissue.

Is it absolutely necessary that you store every excess calorie I consume? At the very least you could let go of said calorie as easily as you converted it. Come now, is it really fair that what takes you a second to do takes me half an hour to undo? Fathead.

Yours roundly.


There! That should do it for now.

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  1. By Purple Lorikeet on

    Are you so uncultured that daily operatic recitals are not appreciated? And really, do you think the checkout chick should have to go above and beyond the call of duty? If she’s out, then you should accept it and move on with your life…sigh…

    1. By rick on

      I am ashamed of my lack of culture and unreasonable expectations. I will stand in the corner and listen to Yowling Operetta.

  2. By erthsister on

    I’ve been meaning to have a talk with my adipose tissue, myself. Is that what they call it these days?

    1. By rick on

      I might take Addy Pose for a bike ride. A few weeks of gruelling torture should see her go away. I hope.


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